Hello guys, I am making all the character's assets from my previous game available. Hope they can be useful for you.

I made all the animations using the Unity Mecanim System, it's very easy to edit and customize parts of the body of all the characters. However, it's very attached to Unity and I can't make it available outside the Unity3d environment.

The .unitypackage contains everything you need to use the characters inside a unity project. It consists in:

  • 32 Character Prefabs which you can use as a base for new ones: (1 necromancer, 2 paladins, 2 bards, 2 knights, 3 abominations, 4 thieves, 4 priests, 6 wizards and 8 minions;
  • 10 grayscale templates ready to be colored ;
  • 1 scene with all the prefab models working as an example;
  • 1 scene with the implementation of an Object Pooler Pattern and an example of the usage of the pattern.

The characters are assembled using smaller sub-parts that can be changed/replaced by other parts. For instance, a hat, you can duplicate, rescale, recolor, reanimate and place it into another character. Or you can replace it with a crown if it fits in the game design. The same works for most of the weapons, eyes, ears, and parts of the character’s body.

The object pooler pattern is there for performance reasons, whether you are using it or not, it’s up to you, the prefabs/workflow will work with/without it and as told before you have an example of the pool usage in a separated scene, the script also has many comments about what's going on.

If you want to use this pack in a published project, please let me know in the comments and consider a donation. I’ll be glad to see these little fellas messin’ around.
Thank you!

Unity Version: 2018.3.1f1


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