The Demo above has the basic UI System of card game like Magic Arena, Hearthstone, Slay the Spire etc. I made it using Unity and C# in order to have a "starting point" for any game similar to the mentioned titles.

Currently, you can:

  • Draw cards
  • Drag cards 
  • Put cards back in the hand dropping onto the "Hand Zone" (green area);
  • Play/Discard cards dropping onto the "Play Card Zone" (orange area);
  • Hover/zoom in cards on the player's hand;

    As an additional content, I've added to the demo parameters to configure the layout the way you game designer want. It can be done by enabling the checkbox named "configs", on the left side of the screen.

    You are currently able to change:

    1. Card spacing: space between to cards in the hand;
    2. Card rotation angle: rotation relative to the index of the card in the hand (cards on the left bend to left and cards on the right bend to the right);
    3. Card height (position on Y-axis) relative to the bent angle described on item 2;
    4. Card hovered size: how much a card shrinks or grows when hovered;
    5. Card hovered rotation: whether it changes or not;
    6. Card hovered height: how much a card moves up (Y-axis) when hovered;
    7. Position or pivot of the Hand: move it up and down;
    8. Drop Zone's positions: move them up and down;
    9. Disabled card Transparency (alpha): how much a disabled card "fades".
    10. Motions speeds: scale, movement and rotation.

    Without going in details about the implementation, the repository with all the code is here , if you want to have a look.

    The credits for the 4 images used in the Demo are given to Tyler Warren free pack and the font used in the Demo is manaspace, also free.

    Thank you!


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