Earlier prototype made to test some concept ideas/mechanics involving Hexagons and Card Games.

A few rules:

  1. Playing cards from the hand to the board consumes 1 gold and 1 action point;
  2. Revealing cards from the library consumes 1 action;
  3. Drawing a card from the pyramid or from the library consumes 1 action;
  4. Put cards from the hand to the pyramid consumes 1 action point;
  5. 10 is the maximum hand size;
  6. You can right click the tiles on the board to see the board menu operations;
  7. You can pass the turn to a second dummy AI at anytime;
  8. You can win the game anytime;
  9. You can lose the game anytime;

Code: GitHub

The credits for the images used in the Demo are given to Tyler Warren free pack and the font used in the demo is manaspace, also free.

GenreCard Game
Made withUnity

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