Update 27/02/2018 - Tutorial(incomplete), End Game Animation, Warning Animation
Update 03/02/2018 - Animation Improvements, Particle Systems, Menu, Multiplayer Local
Update 28/01/2018 - Tile Stack/Pool Animation
Update 19/01/2018 - AI Improvements, bug fixes
Update 16/01/2018 - Sound Test, AI Improvements
Update End 2017 - Grid, bunch of tiles, crap GD

Goal: Fill the blue bar

How: CHOOSE a tile in the Tile Pool

and PUT on an EMPTY Slot

Every turn each tile generates an amount of points to his respective owner, they are demarcated by the blue and orange edges of the hexagonal tiles. 

The winner is the player who opens a difference of +200 points of the other player.

Green Tiles

 Characteristics: permanent, few points, "long term investment"

Mechanics: Every green tile provides points by default, this value can increase when another green tile comes onto the board. Greens tiles work together and are the safest early picks in a match giving a small amount of points that can be "buffed" as long as the match lasts.

Tips: In groups they can easily grow big . Try to position them together, close each other.

There are six different ways to buff. It depends of each individual tile. 

Red Tiles

Characteristics: temporary, lots of points, "short term investment" 

Mechanics: Each red tile provides for 5 turns, 5 points PLUS the value of the LAST RED tile that came up onto the board. In other words, when a red tile shows up on the board, it "buffs" with 5 points the next one (that is not on the board yet). This value keeps growing and growing as long as a match lasts. 

Tips: In the ideal situation, the player who takes the last red tile has the advantage. For instance, if there is two reds in the stack, try to take second.

Red tiles last 5 turns with 5 + value of last red points.

PS: first one is 5.

Purple Tiles

 Characteristics: consumable, significant amount of points, "situational trick"

Mechanics: Every purple tile provides 7 points by default. In an opposite way of the green tiles, the purples don't work together. Each one has an individual effect that is triggered whenever the player wants. All these effects are tricks to nullify opponent's tiles or buff your own tiles in different kind of situations.

Tips: Purples are more powerful when used in a specific situation, each purple has his own effect. Choose they position wisely. 

PS: After put a purple onto the board. You can activate its effects by clicking on it. After triggering the purple effect, you lose the respective tile.

Special Tile

Characteristics: permanent, chaotic

Mechanics: It provides 20 points and is permanent. However, when it enters on the board it CHANGES the rules of the game.

May you and the enemy will play twice, or without seeing the available tiles, you  also might give +2 for all your tiles, or even reset all the board... Who knows?

PS: You are playing against a dumb AI. 

More things will come soon :)

Assets by:

The game still a prototype, the final art will be different.

References to Cube Coordinates Implementations and algorithms:

Published Dec 04, 2017
Authorsycarowr, thiagocamposde
Made withUnity
Tagsartificial-intelligence, hexagon, Medieval, Monsters, Pixel Art, Tilemap based tools
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone
AccessibilityOne button
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2


Build Hexagon 0.86 Animation Improvements - 14 MB
Hexagon Builds 0.87 Tutorial and 13 MB

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